Ola Foundation, Nigeria

The Challenge


The major issue faced by Nigeria is Governance and corruption which has resulted in 80% of graduates being unemployed and a large population of the employed unskilled. 95% of respondents in a survey on the standard of Nigeria’s educational system showed that the educational system available today cannot help develop a child’s natural abilities.


We need to raise a generation of young people that are equipped to change this status quo by inspiring teens tobe the difference Nigeria needs. It is time we make an active effort to secure Nigeria’s future in capable hands.


What We Do


The Ola Foundation is a formidable platform designed to inspire, discover, nurture and project the potentials of teenagers (13 - 17 years) in Nigeria by challenging them to achieve true potential. Through a hybrid of Internships, BootCamps and Outdoor Adventure activities the ultimate impact of our foundation will be reflected in an overall challenger mindset, increase in self-awareness of young people and an increase in the socioeconomic development in Africa in a long term. The entire pilot project will span a period of 30 days, with its annual maiden edition in August 2015.

The Mission

To equip the average African teen with knowledge and skills to kindle positive change, leadership and self-development

The Vision

To be an active agent of positive change in Africa through the nurturing of teen prodigies.

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Founder's Profile

Ola Helping Hands
Joyce Onwumere
Phone: 0703 018 7800  |  Email: contact@olafoundation.org